Plan for Error

Every lesson holds the promise of both learning and mistakes. More often than not, the success of a lesson often hinges on the degree to which a teacher can turn these errors into learning. One of the keys to doing this well is Plan for Error , a daily planning exercise in which teachers anticipate student errors and their responses to them. Teachers who regularly do this increase their chances of taking action during the lesson to help students convert their misconceptions into mastery, their wrong answers into right.

Through analysis of effective teachers’ techniques and deep planning and practice, participants in the session will strengthen skills with:

  • Anticipating student errors
  • Responding to those errors by:
    • Breaking it Down with prompts and questions to help students work their way to “right”
    • Engaging students in a deep study of errors to ensure they correct and learn from them


Our goal is for you to save timethat you would otherwise spend creating a PD session from scratch and to dive deepinto the small concrete actions that can take your teachers’ skills from good to great. The Plug and Play provides you with:

✓ A fully customizable PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos of teachers anticipating and responding to error

✓ Facilitator notes for what to say and do for each slide

✓ 5 video clips, with detailed analysis of each clip

✓ Carefully designed practice activities

✓ Prioritized success points for coaching teachers on Plan for Error

✓ Participant Handouts for interactive note taking

✓ Next steps to ensure what’s learned in the session carries over into classrooms


This module can be used by any school. It does not require leader experience with or school-wide implementation of Teach Like a Champion techniques.

Price $ 375

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