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Joy Factor

This session is designed to train teachers in the technique of Joy Factor . Finding joy in the work of learning is a key driver not just of a happy classroom, but a high achieving one as well. Joy Factor can be energetic or low-key and may be used with individual students as well as groups both large and small.

Through analysis of master teachers’ techniques and practice, participants in the session will:

  • Analyze 5 types of Joy Factor
  • Design and practice the execution of a Joy Factor moment to use in the classroom immediately
  • Analyze and avoid potential pitfalls of Joy Factor implementation


Our goal is for you to save time that you would otherwise spend creating a PD session from scratch and to dive deep into the small concrete actions that can take your teachers’ skills from good to great. The Plug and Play provides you with:

✓ A fully customizable PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos of teachers demonstrating Joy Factor

✓ Facilitator notes for what to say and do for each slide

✓ 17 video clips, with detailed analysis of each clip

✓ Carefully designed practice activities

✓ A Feedback Cheat Sheet—prioritized success points for coaching teachers on Joy Factor

✓ Participant Handouts for interactive note taking

✓ Next steps to ensure what’s learned in the session carries over into classrooms


This module can be used by any school. It does not require leader experience with or school-wide implementation of Teach Like a Champion techniques.

Price $ 375

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