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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

06.12.15 Portrait of a Teacher (Beth Brannon) in 8 Scenes (Video)

Here’s a rundown of that video of Amarillo Texas Caprock High’s Beth Brannon that I promised in my recent post about unexpectedness. Beth uses, by my count, 11 techniques from Teach Like a Champion 2.0 in the clip (!), though you might never know it unless you watched carefully.  Her productive class seems like a happy…

05.13.15 Sari Fromson Builds Productive, Positive Classroom Routines (Video)

We had our weekly video meeting at TLaC towers today.  The highlight was an amazing pair of clips that Joaquin Hernandez cut and edited of Sari Fromson, a 5th grade math teacher at Boston’s Roxbury Prep. The first clip was shot this spring and shows beautiful and autonomous Systems and Routines in Sari’s classroom.  As the…

03.24.15 Clip of the Week: Megan Broome Makes Her Routines Academic (Video)

Last week, 180 teachers and leaders from charter, district and even a few private schools located everywhere from California to Oklahoma to Florida (not to mention Singapore and Chile) joined us for our Behavior and Culture workshop here in Albany. As always, we left with tons of takeaways about great teaching gleaned from participants. We talked…

03.11.15 Watch the Videos from Ian Leslie’s Guardian Story (Video)

I spent some time with journalist Ian Leslie last fall when I was in London–we spoke a couple of times and he came to a couple of workshops.  This morning he published a reflection on Teach Like a Champion and the ideas behind it in the Guardian. I was very happy to see the work my…

03.09.15 Joy Factor: Christina Fritz and the ‘Skip Counting Pep Rally’ (Video)

Joy Factor is one of the most popular techniques in Teach Like a Champion.  Who doesn’t want to have fun while they (and their kids) work? Who doesn’t want to have their students feel the joy of learning?  But while it’s popular and positive, Joy Factor can be a surprisingly tricky thing to get just right. …

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