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Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

03.02.17 Pairing Reading Reconsidered Techniques with Cognitive Science, Part II—A Guest Post from Ben Rogers

This is the second of a pair of posts by Ben Rogers of Norwich Primary Academy (NPA) in Norwich, England. In his first post, Ben described the tools he and his colleagues have been using from Reading Reconsidered and cognitive science to bolster students’ reading and writing skills. In this post, he reflects on the power of intentionally building students’ background knowledge and vocabulary. By the way, we…

06.15.16 My Reading Reconsidered Interview with Bob Barrett on WAMC

In case you missed it, I recently did a radio interview with Bob Barrett of To The Best of Our Knowledge on my local NPR affiliate, WAMC in Albany.  Really nice to have a long (25 mins) in depth conversation with a jounralist who’s read the book and thought about it. Thought some readers might enjoy…

04.18.16 Building Autonomy via the ‘Literary Analysis Protocol’

Chapter 8 of Reading Reconsidered describes tools teachers can use to build Intellectual Autonomy… students’ ability to ask and answer their own questions of a text.  One of the tools we describe in the book is the literary analysis protocol, an exercise where a teacher regularly gives students a short passage from a book and asks…

01.22.16 Reading Reconsidered–An Overview and Annotated Table of Contents

I was grateful to get to spend some time recently talking about Reading Reconsidered with Liana Heitin of EdWeek, but I found myself feeling like I didn’t capture the book in talking about it–bits and pieces maybe but no sense of the whole. One reason–other than my own failure to describe–is that it’s a big sprawling…

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