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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

11.17.17 Watching a Favorite Old Clip and Seeing Something New

This beautiful clip of Achievement First’s Summer Payne Cold Calling her kindergarten students is a throw back. I think we shot it in 2010.  For a couple of years it was a staple of our workshops. Somehow we haven’t used it in a while.  But it’s still so wonderful. And quite influential- I still go to…

10.06.17 Cold Call for Coaches: Atlanta United’s Mike Lynch Dials It In

  The benefits of using Cold Call in the classroom are pretty clear. It helps ensure that students are always mentally ‘on’ during a lesson and it allows teachers to question quickly and efficiently, especially to make sure that students know what they need to know—to Check for Understanding. These ideas are critical in a coaching…

09.27.17 Eric Snider Installs His Turn and Talk Routine

I’m not really sure where to start in talking about the clip I’m going to share in this post. It’s pretty amazing. It’s of Eric Snider, who teachers English at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School and who is a TLAC Fellow. It’s important because it shows how Eric installs a routine in his classroom. One of…

09.19.17 Two Cold Calls from the First Days of First Grade

This morning we watched two great clips of first grade teacher Jennifer Crucetti Cold Calling her first graders on the second day of school at Abram Lansing Elementary in Cohoes, NY. Cold Call, as you may know, is a hugely powerful tool in the classroom when it’s a normal and positive part of the lives of…

09.14.17 Practice on an Island

One of the things that people tell us they value most in our workshops is practice—the chance to rehearse and refine elements of your teaching technique in the safety and camaraderie of colleagues rather than in front of your third period math class. However, not everyone has the opportunity to practice with peers as often as…

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