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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

09.24.15 Denarius Frazier’s 100%: Subtlety and an Ounce of Prevention (Video)

One of the best clips we added to our collection this week was one of the simplest… or maybe it wasn’t that simple… just subtle. My colleague Erica Woolway describes it: The clip shows how Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School math teacher Denarius Frazier uses the 100% tools, especially Radar and Be Seen Looking to keep…

04.04.14 Video of the Day: The Recipe for Getting Kids to Do What You Asked (Video)

How to get students to do what you asked: 1)      Give a clear, concise direction. (What to Do) 2)      Stand where you can clearly see whether they do it. (Radar: “Pastore’s Perch”) 3)      Watch to see whether they do it. (Radar: Scan/swivel) 4)      Use non-verbals actions to make it clear to students that you are watching…

02.14.14 Clip of the Day: Jason Armstrong & the Whisper Correction (Video)

From TLaC 2.0: The Whisper Correction Take a minute to watch this clip of Jason Armstrong’s math class at Roxbury Prep. You’ll notice that Jason makes two corrections of students who are off task.  Both of them are essentially public. He’s standing in front of the class when he makes them. But Jason makes them feel…

10.28.13 More on that Amazing Clip of Ashley Hinton (Video)

Over on the TLac Facebook page we posted an amazing video of North Star Academy’s Ashley Hinton using non-verbals to correct minor off-task behaviors while still teaching.  The clip met with instant response. Meanwhile in a fascinating view behind the curtain of Uncommon‘s culture of constant improvement, I thought I’d share the following exchange between Joaquin…

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