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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

01.20.18 Utopia and Other Aristocracies

  There’s a guy named Mike Barnes who’s got a column in Ed Week. It’s all about imagining a world in which we did not grade students at all. Here’s the gist: If you’re interested in disrupting education far more than the 3-D printer or smartphone ever could, consider schools and colleges where there are no…

01.08.18 How Freedom Prep’s Jasmine Howard Checks for Understanding

  We’ve spent this past year working with Freedom Prep, a network of 4 high-performing schools in Memphis. The goal  for us is to help them take their program to the next level, and the journey has been a rich one–the team at Freedom Prep is dedicated, smart and insightful and their schools are bright, warm,…

01.05.18 Two Tales from Peace Corps Africa–But Useful for Teachers Everywhere

  This year I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Dee Hertzberg and Audrey Spencer, who help direct teaching programs for the Peace Corps in Africa. They use Teach Like a Champion there and this has led to a series of amazingly useful conversations about education in Africa, sure, but also about teaching and learning more…

01.02.18 The Nanango Nine and Other Insights About Training From Australia

Just before the winter break we had a visit here at TLAC Towers from our old friend Jillian Robinson– she’s head of teaching and learning at Nanango State School in Queensland, Australia and has been a long time user of Teach Like a Champion. She and her school have been recognized several times for their impressive…

12.21.17 “It’s How We Do Gender-Equitable Teaching”

  Erica and I just spent an hour on the phone with a group of amazing colleagues–Audrey Spencer, Becky Banton, Jomara Laboy and Francis Vernyuy–who train Peace Corps volunteers working in education in Africa- either as teachers themselves or as teacher trainers. They use TLAC quite a bit, which made me very happy to know, but…

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