Blog – Page 2 – Teach Like a Champion Doug Lemov 2017-10-10T20:06:36Z WordPress Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Adding a Parameter to Cold Call]]> 2017-09-08T19:16:53Z 2017-09-02T22:27:55Z 2 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[To A Young Mother in the Supermarket Parking Lot]]> 2017-08-07T19:58:39Z 2017-08-07T13:41:06Z 3 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Educators: It is VERY Important to Distinguish Correlation from Causation]]> 2017-08-08T13:53:04Z 2017-07-29T21:50:39Z 5 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Pencils Down; Eyes To Me: Darryl Williams Looks At Allison Dungey’s Outstanding ‘What To Do’]]> 2017-07-19T15:17:40Z 2017-07-14T17:01:15Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[A Q&A with Stuart Singer on Mindfulness and Performance]]> 2017-07-11T20:42:35Z 2017-07-11T20:35:04Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[John Costello’s New Art of the Sentence Insights]]> 2017-07-06T16:59:39Z 2017-07-06T16:58:35Z 3 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Complete the Exemplar-Maggie Johnson on Gabby’s Woolf’s Inspirational Lesson]]> 2017-07-05T16:11:27Z 2017-07-05T16:06:37Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Three Lessons from Alex Timoll’s Cold Call]]> 2017-06-23T17:04:30Z 2017-06-23T17:01:51Z 2 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[For Coaches: Making Downtime More Productive During Practice]]> 2017-06-23T15:13:12Z 2017-06-23T15:11:37Z 2 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Unpacking How Will Beller Unpacks All Quiet on the Western Front]]> 2017-06-19T19:35:47Z 2017-06-19T19:30:43Z 1
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