Blog – Page 2 – Teach Like a Champion Doug Lemov 2017-03-24T12:45:49Z WordPress Doug Lemov <![CDATA[A Post Card from High-Performing PS 172]]> 2017-02-14T21:48:50Z 2017-02-14T21:48:50Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Tucking In and Tucking Out]]> 2017-02-07T19:11:36Z 2017-02-01T16:30:17Z 2 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Popsicle Sticks and ’Hands Down’ are not Cold Call: Key Differences & Why They Matter]]> 2017-02-07T19:29:51Z 2017-01-31T15:33:34Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[How Dani Quinn Uses Show Me to Check for Understanding]]> 2017-01-18T15:09:25Z 2017-01-17T22:57:46Z 1 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[A Martin Luther King Day Reflection on Courage]]> 2017-01-16T16:22:04Z 2017-01-16T16:22:04Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Building Academic Vocabulary: A Postcard from Jo Facer’s Classroom]]> 2017-01-06T14:33:18Z 2017-01-06T14:33:18Z 7 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Final Thoughts on Fist Bumps and Relationships]]> 2017-01-05T20:08:58Z 2017-01-05T18:55:48Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Technology in School: My View as a Parent]]> 2017-01-05T16:16:17Z 2017-01-05T16:12:07Z 6 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[Engaged Cerebral Classroom Culture: Aidan Thomas’ Master Class on Wait Time]]> 2017-01-04T21:17:37Z 2017-01-04T19:43:11Z 0 Doug Lemov <![CDATA[My Favorite No: Mistaking Knowledge Problems for Skill Problems]]> 2016-12-21T15:40:27Z 2016-12-20T15:48:46Z 3
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